3 eme Conférence Internationale sur la Sécurité Hydrogène
International Conference on Hydrogen Safety (ICHS3) jointly organised by IA HySafe and IEA HIA with the financial support of the Collectivité territoriale de Corse, the French Republic and European Union in the frame of the ERDF Programme 2007-2013

Corsica Island

Corsica Island

Corsica Island
This little island, french for more than two century, has kept an important part of its Mediterranean identity.
This characteristic gives it an «exotic» side which seduces the romantic authors of the XIXth century and which continues to attract the change of scenery-seekers.
In this way, some people used to call it « the closest to the distant islands »

The wealth of its seabed, the diversity of its mountains, its coasts improved by large beaches, reddish and sheer rocks, scrublands or cliffs of limestone, its forest of pines, its protected fauna and its culinary specialities are so many assets which seduce a large sample of visitors.

But Corsica can’t be summed up by its nickname: « Island of beauty ». We can also find the marks of a turbulent history , a humble but remarkable heritage, a proud people who is not always easily to understand. Its friendship is not acquired and it is necessary to gain its confidence so that hearts open.
At that moment and only at that moment, we really discover the Corsican hospitality.

As its people, Corsica arouses the passions. It rarely leaves indifferent: It is true that it deserves it, but when it gives itself, this is for life!

A lot of enthusiasts say that we can find every lights of the world and almost every landscapes. It is true that the best ambassadors of the island are often Corsican by adoption, fallen in love with this mountain in the sea.

Corsica in figures

Surface : 8 569 km²
Length : 183 km
breadth : 85 km
Coasts : 1 047 km
120 peaks at 2 000 m and more
Medium altitude : 568 m
The Monte Cinto towers at 2 710 m
Submarine rifts of 2 500 m
40% of scrublands
25% of forest
Distance from Corsica to Italy : 90 km
Distance from Corsica to Nice : 170 km
Distance from Corsica to Sardinia : 12 km
Population : 260 000 inhabitants
It is valued 2 billions, Corsican people living out of the island