3 eme Conférence Internationale sur la Sécurité Hydrogène

International Conference on Hydrogen Safety (ICHS3) jointly organised by IA HySafe and IEA HIA with the financial support of the Collectivité territoriale de Corse, the French Republic and European Union in the frame of the ERDF Programme 2007-2013

How to travel to Corsica ?

You may come to Corsica by plane or by boat. The best and simplest way to come to Corsica is by plane. You will find easily a flight to join the beauty island, often using connecting flights. Indeed, you will have first to come to one of the french cities, and then take a flight with Air Corsica and many other companies; or...

All about Corsica

Let's organize a trip to Corsica, this so lovely island situated in the Mediteranean sea. You will discover a dreamy environment, wild and natural. The island is a real moutain in the sea which offers wonderful landscapes. People who don't know Corsica are often surprised to see these incredible settings. This so tiny island...

Excursions to discover Corsica from Ajaccio

Everyday , excursions by bus, with corsican drivers, are organised from every hotel in Ajaccio.
You can book it now or directly in your hotels , depending on your mood, weather forecast or anything else.
Here are the 5 excursions by bus from Ajaccio to the main touristic sites in Corsica.

Special Offer : Spend a week in Corsica

Do you want to spend the whole week in Corsica , before or after the conference ? Here are some special offers for a whole week in some hotels and resorts all around Ajaccio. Face to the fine sand beach of the Ricanto, which streches over 6 km, a few minutes to the city center, the airport and the harbour, the hotel Campo...